Selected Publications with Illustrations by Jess

Boob #1 (privately printed}, paste-up poem on a single sheet. San Francisco
Artist’s View #8, poems, paintings, and paste-ups reproduced on a two-sided folded broadside. Claire Mahl
Caesar’s Gate, poems by Robert Duncan. Divers Press. Cover and sequence of 16 paste-ups.
O! Hawk’s Well Press. Cover and sequence of 16 paste-up pages.
Paste-ups and Assemblies. Dilexi Gallery. Paste-up on folded paper.
“Unking’d by Affection,” in a Poetry Folio. San Francisco Arts Festival. Broadside with drawing by Jess and holograph poem by Robert Duncan.
San Francisco’s Burning by Helen and Pat Adam. Oannes Press. Cover and six full-page drawings?.
Ballads by Helen Adam. Acadia Press. Cover, lettering of text, title page, and 15 illustrations.
A Book of Resemblances: Poems: 1950-1953 by Robert Duncan. Henry Wenning. “Repro­duced in Holograph of the Author, & Ornamented Drawings by Jess.”
The Cat and the Blackbird, a children’s story by Robert Duncan. White Rabbit Press. Designed, lettered, and illustrated on each page with ink drawings.
Names of People. Poems by Robert Duncan.Black Sparrow Press. Illustrated with 15 ink drawings.
The Better Dream House. Poems by Joe Dunn. White Rabbit Press. Cover and 11 paste-up illustrations.
Gallowsongs; Galgenlieder by Christian Morgenstern. “Versions by Jess.” Black Sparrow Press. Ink drawings throughout.
Caesar’s Gate, poems 1949-50 by Robert Duncan. Expanded edition. Sand Dollar. Six additional paste-ups, including frontispiece medallion.
The Boobus and the Bunnyduck, a children’s story by Michael McClure. Facsimile ltd. edition, The Arion Press. Lettering and crayon illustrations throughout.

Selected Books and Articles on Jess

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